Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi all,

Yeah, I know. This is late submission of work, but it couldn't be helped. Especially if you have fever reaching to up to 39.4 degrees celcius and have to be on medical leave for (2+1) days. Well, never mind about all these, here's something optimistic...

Fever a common symptom,
Caused by various infections.
Unbelievably awesome,
Helping to save humans.

Maybe you wouldn't understand,
Why fever may be considered awesome.
But you may not know,
Fever is an essential system.

Viruses bacteria are all over the world,
They are what cause infections and sicknesses.
Fever helps to attack these pests,
And away goes all the unwanted 'guests'.

White blood cells are how fever works,
They increase when the pests are detected.
As they go faster and faster,
They increase the body temperature.

So next time you feel chilly,
Or even tired and achy,
Remember that fever is essential,
and it isn't evil.

Signing off at 37.9 degrees celcius
Neo Wei Hong (14),

Student of SST S1-07,
Currently 'member' of English Lesson,
With special thanks to Mr Richard Koh.

Email: neo_weihong@s2010.sst.edu.sg
Hp: not stated due to cyber-wellness purposes.

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